I am not so skillful for riding the bike, I have a portable bike which is small and easy control, I have been used to ride it for some important events with my friends in this year and last year, since I have involved Triathlon sport I was told the portable bike is not allowed to play, the meaning is I have to buy a new one 無創溶脂.

There are two kinds of brands are very popular, Specialized American is higher grade which is for the professional ironman, Giant is from Tai Wan, the price is reasonable and I can accept, for a new comer for sure Giant is suitable, before I went to the exclusive shop of Giant somewhere in JiuXianQiao I know nothing about the reference of the bike, there are many of information I need to know, checking with my senior fellow in the club Amway傳銷, OCR series for the beginners with low speed is around 16s, TCR series for the medium level which the speed is around 20s-22s, Defy series for the long distance is surely without my regard it. Liv is new high end product only for women of Giant; the price is all over 8,000 with the speed of 30s, I was trying the one with the straight handlebar and took the photo let them check first, surprised me that this kind of bar is not so serious in the events, the meaning is I have to buy the handle bar, the bar likes a sheep horn, my goodness, I only saw some professional riders on TV with the one, how could I control that kind of bikes. But sounds I have to be accepted it if I really want to buy. Maybe I need the time to match with it 母乳 研究.

I have been to the shop for two times, but still not confirmed which is good to me, Today I am going to the shop again, hopefully I can get my dearest bike in this week and I will show all of you here.